Frequently Asked Questions

How many transactions can I have automated per month?

For our Automated Plan clients, we have a general rule of 5 property transactions and 2 loan transactions per property per month. However we understand that sometimes it might be slightly more, or slightly less, so your unused transactions can roll over to the next month

Can I enter as many DIY transactions as I want myself?

Yes - you can enter an unlimited number of DIY transactions yourself. You don't have to use our automated data entry process if you do not want - it is completely optional.

I have not done my paperwork for a long time. Do you provide catch up services?

Yes we do. Simply contact us and we'll help organise to get you back up to speed at a small cost

How secure is my data? Is it safe?

Your property data is very sensitive, so we take extreme measures to ensure that our security is better than most banks provide. We use 256 bit encryption, 2-factor authentication and offsite encrypted storage to ensure the safety of your data.

Can I Generate Tax and Finance Reports?

Yes, you can download detailed summaries of your properties and portfolio to submit to your accountant or mortgage broker.

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