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The importance of having the right team around you

The people that you surround yourself with have a strong influence on your mindset. When it comes to investing, it’s important to surround yourself with a success team that will help make your goals a reality.

Conflicting views can stall action

There are people who insist that buying multiple properties is risky and debt should be avoided wherever possible. While those trains of thought may suit their lifestyle, it’s important to remember that’s just one point of view. When it comes to investing, a significant struggle when starting out is taking the first step and bogging yourself down with the conflicting views of people that don’t see the potential of an investment portfolio, can create a further barrier to reaching your goals.

Engage with like-minded people

Particularly in the early stages of investment, sacrifices often need to be made to get where you need to be. These sacrifices can be hard and the first few steps may even be a little scary. It’s important to be around the right people to make the process easier. Being around people with the same mindset, who want to do the same thing you do makes the process easier, while being around those who have achieved what you want to achieve keeps you confident of your potential success.

Share the journey

Being around like-minded people ensures that you can have fun, enjoy the wins and share your passion and stories about what you are doing with a community that understands. Talking about your dreams and goals on a regular basis also keeps them front of mind and keeps you inspired to make them happen.

Engage different resources

It is important to engage with a variety of people and resources to ensure that you have a true success team around you. This may involve chatting to people from relevant organisations and communities or networking at functions with other investors, specialists and professionals who can aid your journey. Social media also provides avenues for connection through Youtube, Facebook pages, forums and other chat facilities. Engaging with like-minded people ensures that you feed your mind with the right information, which you can then learn from to make more informed decisions and continue to strive toward your goals.

Process all advice

Always take advice on board, regardless of the source. Respect the views of others, understand where the information is coming from to reduce risk, then analyse and process the information provided to see if it is in line with your goals. If it is, take note and use it as an additional piece of information to consider in decisions.

Network for success

Understand that the people you surround yourself with, will be a reflection of who you are. Consider different groups of people and see where you fit in. Finding the right people will make it easier to engage in meaningful conversation and to make the most of the benefits of being part of a success community.

Who do you feel are the best and worst people to have in your success team and why? Share your thoughts with us below.

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